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At Precision Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are dedicated to helping you reach all your recovery goals and improve your quality of life! Some insurances do not require a physician referral or prescription!

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What Our Patients are Saying:

I can't thank this group enough...

for their care, expertise, and dedication to my 12-year-old daughter through a recent foot break and prior soccer injury.

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I am so grateful to them for the help.

I was getting ready to go to Italy and complained to my doctor about my extreme motion sickness. I...

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If you enjoy a professional treatment with a friendly expert you must check them out.

The entire team at Precision is the true definition of professional. I’ve been going there for quite some time...

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Whether it’s back pain, arthritis, work injuries or recovering from a surgery, find pain relief and speedy recovery. From infants with Torticollis to adults with Vertigo, you have options for recovery!

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Pepper was welcomed into the Precision Physical Therapy family on November 26, 2013. To keep up with Pepper, check her out on her Facebook page.

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Take your game to the next level!

Sportsmetrics is an athletic training program designed to improve performance, speed, agility and strength, as well as, scientifically proven to reduce your risk for injury.

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Learn New Ways to Keep Moving!

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