Common Myths about Chronic Back Pain


A Scan will Give Me a Diagnosis

Although X-rays, CT, and MRI scans can be helpful, findings such as arthritis, disc herniation, and disc degeneration are also commonly found in the pain free population as well. The image results does not necessarily determine the cause of the pain.

I am Causing Damage if it Hurts

The level of pain experienced is often a poor measure of the amount of tissue damage. Even if an activity is painful, it is not an accurate sign of doing harm. Your physical therapist can help find safe activities or modify your activities so you can remain moving safely.

I Should Stay in Bed and Rest

Immobility and bed rest for more than a couple of days has never been shown to be beneficial. Returning to movement and your normal activities is better for recovery and preventing more injury than bed rest.

Pain Killers (opioids) Will Help Manage My Pain

Using opioids to manage your chronic pain at best masks your symptoms and delay and impede your recovery and at worst may be proved to dangerous and even deadly.

Surgery is My Only Option for Improvement

Surgery and other invasive procedures have a very limited role, if any, in the management of back pain. Physical Therapy can help prevent surgery all while minimizing your pain and restoring function.

My Pain and Limited Function Mean’s There Nothing I Can Do

People who catastrophize about the meaning of pain become trapped in a vicious cycle of avoidance behavior pain and disability. A physical therapist can help interpret pain and use manual therapy and exercise to break the cycle and reduce pain.


Physical therapy can help with your back pain and keep you doing the things you love. Contact us at Precision Physical Therapy to start your recovery today!

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