Patient Testimonials

  • The entire team at Precision is the true definition of professional. I’ve been going there for quite some time after a serious car wreck and always feel welcomed. I have and will continue to recommend them to everyone I know. So if you enjoy a professional treatment with a friendly expert you must check them out.

    Daniel B., Louisville, KY

  • I was getting ready to go to Italy and complained to my doctor about my extreme motion sickness. I just didn’t think I could manage but didn’t want to pass up on this trip. My doctor referred me to Precision Physical Therapy Louisville on Taylorsville Road. I didn’t see how physical therapy was going to help, but I was happily amazed. Millie did eye exercises and balance exercises and showed me what to do at home. I was treated for about two weeks. I was gone 15 days and every day I did something that in the past would have made me sick: taxi cabs weaving through traffic, bad roads, docks that moved up and down, busses, subways, boats, ships, trains, etc. I was not sick or even nauseated even once. I couldn’t believe it! I am so grateful to them for the help. I will continue to do as Millie suggested and would recommend them without hesitation. The staff was friendly and personable as well and I was able to go before work as they have a variety of hours to fit in with work times.

    Ann T., Louisville, KY

  • I can’t thank this group enough for their care, expertise, and dedication to my 12-year-old daughter through a recent foot break and prior soccer injury.

    Natalie H., Louisville, KY

  • My wife was having horrible back pain from a bulged disc. We visited the friendly staff and they were able to have her up and walking with very little pain in just two visits! We are still visiting to finish up the rest of her therapy. Lacey is one of the most caring person I have ever met! Two thumbs up for sure to her and the staff!

    David D., Louisville, KY

  • The help I received at Precision Physical Therapy was wonderful. The staff was always polite, smiling and doing whatever they could to make me feel better. I feel like not only was I receiving therapy but having the pleasure to meet new friends. Everyone there was always very kind. I would highly recommend Precision to anyone.

    Sharon., Louisville, KY

  • Precision Physical Therapy was by far the best experience I have had in the medical field. The employees at Precision Physical Therapy were the friendliest and most professional people. My physical therapist was very intelligent and also took her time to educate me on my diagnosis. The fact I have no more pain in my shoulder is great because I was accustomed to the pain after my injury. That was so amazing to me! I am in shock I still having no pain!

    Juan E., Louisville, KY