Torticollis Louisville, KY


Have you been told your child favors a side or maybe you have noticed your child favoring a side? Congenital Muscular Torticollis (CMT) is the most common form of Torticollis. CMT occurs when a specific neck muscle (Sternocleidomastoid) is restricting your child’s neck movement.

The most common reason for this muscular restriction is from remaining in one position for a prolonged time. I usually tell parents to think of it as if you fell asleep on your couch or while riding in a car. You wake up after 2-3 hours and your neck is very stiff. You start stretching your neck out and moving it to work the stiffness out. Now imagine your child being in a restricted position for about 1-3 months in utero. Your beautiful baby makes his/her appearance and when you get home you start to notice he or she is unable to perhaps turn his/her head well in one direction.

What do you do?

Talk with your pediatrician and come into Precision Physical Therapy so we can help you learn which stretches and exercises your child will benefit from.

CMT is very easy to manage with a customized home exercise program. It is not a scary program. It truly involves gentle stretching, exercise in the form of play and supervised tummy time. Most often children who present with CMT also have a flattened area on the back of his/her head (Plagiocephaly) from favoring one direction. That is not uncommon and will be addressed during your child’s evaluation with the physical therapist.

We have been helping families manage CMT for years. Conservative care is very successful when initiated within the first year. Don’t wait to see if your child will grow out of it, make an appointment to get started with your child’s care. For more information, Contact Us Today at Louisville, KY Center.