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Ann T., Louisville, KY
I was getting ready to go to Italy and complained to my doctor about my extreme motion sickness. I just didn’t think I could manage but didn’t want to pass up on this trip. My doctor referred me to Precision Physical Therapy Louisville on Taylorsville Road. I didn’t see how physical therapy was going to help, but I was happily amazed. Millie did eye exercises and balance exercises and showed me what to do at home. I was treated for about two weeks. I was gone 15 days and every day I did something that in the past would have made me sick: taxi cabs weaving through traffic, bad roads, docks that moved up and down, busses, subways, boats, ships, trains, etc. I was not sick or even nauseated even once. I couldn’t believe it! I am so grateful to them for the help. I will continue to do as Millie suggested and would recommend them without hesitation. The staff was friendly and personable as well and I was able to go before work as they have a variety of hours to fit in with work times.

Vertigo is the feeling of a rocking or rotation when you are perfectly still. It can last for seconds up to several hours or days. Medically, it is distinct from dizziness because it involves the sensation of movement. Vertigo is often due to a problem in the inner ear. An important part of the inner ear is the collection of semicircular canals. These structures are lined with cells that act like a gyroscope for the body and are responsible for providing feedback of our position. This tells us where our head and body are in space.

Causes and Risk Factors for Vertigo

There are a variety of causes for this condition. The cause may be central or peripheral. Central causes occur in the spinal cord or brain, while peripheral is due to a problem with the inner ear. An illness or small crystals in the inner ear that become displaced can cause an irritation within the semicircular canals. This is a central cause and known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). However, with Meniere’s disease, there is a fluid buildup in the inner ear that can cause vertigo. Headaches, head injuries, strokes, tumors, and multiple sclerosis can also cause vertigo. Head injuries definitely increase the risk factor for vertigo. In addition, some medications can also cause vertigo.

Motion sickness

A sensation of wooziness and nausea caused by motion likely from riding in a car, boat, train, or plane. Some people even experience motion sickness with overstimulation of the visual system like walking down a grocery aisle or in a large crowd. There might be a disconnect from your inner system and your eye control that can cause motion sickness. This can be treated with simple eye movement exercises to help retrain the vestibular system. Contact us to see how we can help with your motion sickness.

Diagnosis and Treatment

To diagnose vertigo, a physical therapist will take a full history of your symptoms and events. Then, a physical exam is performed to include a series of eye movements and head positions to help determine the cause of your symptoms. Signs of abnormal eye movement may pinpoint the problem.

The good news is vertigo and motion sickness can be treated with physical therapy. Treatment may include simple maneuvers to put the head in different positions to allow the crystals in the inner ear to return to their normal position. Treatment can also include exercises that include eye movements to retrain the inner ear and reduce symptoms of dizziness and motion sickness.

The Prognosis

Most patients with vertigo can find substantial relief with treatment; it has been suggested that the Epley maneuver in cases of BPPV can benefit as many as 90% of affected patients. Although recurrence of BPPV may be more than 15% in the first year after an episode, it is unlikely that vertigo will persist beyond a few days.

Are you feeling dizzy with a sense of movement? You just might be experiencing vertigo. Make your world stop spinning with the help of our experienced and certified physical therapists. They are trained in the treatment of vertigo and can even give you instruction on how to do exercises to help your symptoms. Contact Us Today at Louisville, KY Center to set up a one-on-one consultation and full evaluation. We’ve helped many others and can help you too.