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Ready to take your game to the next level?

Take your game to the next level by improving your speed, agility, and vertical jump by participating in our Sportsmetrics program. This sports performance training program is designed to improve athletic performance and has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to reduce your risk for ACL and other significant knee injuries. Our goal is to keep you in the game and maximize your athletic potential. In this program, you will be trained by a licensed physical therapist with a Sportsmetrics certification. This program will provide a video analysis of your jumping and athletic performance. The therapist evaluates your performance frame by frame and calculates and compares the results against a database of over 800 athletes. This allows the athlete to see their strengths and weakness and improve their mechanics in a way that will reduce injuries and produce better performance in their sport.

Sportsmetrics is offered for team trainings as well as small group training in our state of the art training facility at our Precision Physical Therapy Wellness location. Sportsmetrics is a progressive training program focused on five key components:

  1. Dynamic warm-up: Prepare your body for training with functional activities that use sport-specific motions. This raises core body temperature, increases blood flow to the muscles and improves flexibility, balance, and coordination.
  2. Plyometrics (jump training): Strengthen muscle with new, diverse plyometric exercises every two weeks. With an emphasis on proper jump mechanics, these reduce the risk of a knee injury while increasing jump height.
  3. Speed, agility, and conditioning: Learn about proper body alignment and technique through a combination of structured drills. These build endurance and explosive power.
  4. Strength training: Incorporate free weights and/or bodyweight exercises for full body conditioning and core stability.
  5. Flexibility: Stretch muscles to achieve maximum length and power through a complete range of motion. This decreases injury and post-training soreness. For more information, Contact Us Today at Louisville, KY Center.

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