Ann T., Louisville, KY

I was getting ready to go to Italy and complained to my doctor about my extreme motion sickness. I just didn’t think I could manage but didn’t want to pass up on this trip. My doctor referred me to Precision Physical Therapy Louisville on Taylorsville Road. I didn’t see how physical therapy was going to help, but I was happily amazed. Millie did eye exercises and balance exercises and showed me what to do at home. I was treated for about two weeks. I was gone 15 days and every day I did something that in the past would have made me sick: taxi cabs weaving through traffic, bad roads, docks that moved up and down, busses, subways, boats, ships, trains, etc. I was not sick or even nauseated even once. I couldn’t believe it! I am so grateful to them for the help. I will continue to do as Millie suggested and would recommend them without hesitation. The staff was friendly and personable as well and I was able to go before work as they have a variety of hours to fit in with work times.